Error Codes

All errors returned by interfaces of DataFS are HRESULT. They can be found in this table or if they encapsulate a 'Win32 Error Code' they are encapsulated using the HRESULT_FROM_WIN32 macro.


S_PARTIAL_OK0x20000000 partial S_OK (e.g. if only non important parts failed)
E_INVALID_HANDLE0xA0000006 invalid handle (e.g. handle of a connection)
E_LIMIT_EXCEEDED0xA000FF01 a licensing limit has been exceeded
E_BASICDB_WRONGDATA0xA0080201 Data is not a valid database
E_BASICDB_WRONGVERSION0xA0080202 Data contains a database with the wrong version
E_BASICDB_INCOMPATIBLE0xA0080203 Incompatible memory page size or disk secotor size
E_BASICDB_INVALIDPARAMETER0xA0080204 invalid parameter
E_BASICDB_CLEANUPERROR0xA0080205 error while closing the database
E_BASICDB_WRONGSTATUS0xA0080211 database is in the wrong status to perform the requested action
E_BASICDB_RECOVERYNEEDED0xA0080212 the database needs a recovery run before the next start
E_DISK_OPEN0xA0080221 error opening the disk
E_DISK_INITIALIZE0xA0080222 error initializing the disk
E_DISK_IOINITIALIZE0xA0080223 error creating an internal system object
E_DISK_THREADINITIALIZE0xA0080224 error initializing a thread
E_DISK_RESIZE0xA0080225 error resizing the disk
E_DISK_IOERROR0xA0080226 error while reading from or writing to the disk
E_DISK_IOTIMEOUT0xA0080227 timeout while reading from or writing to the disk
E_CACHE_OUTOFMEMORY0xA0080231 error allocating memory
E_CACHE_INITIALIZE0xA0080232 error initializing the cache
E_CACHE_THREADINITIALIZE0xA0080233 error initializing a thread
E_SETTING_READERROR0xA0080401 error while reading settings
E_SETTING_WRITEERROR0xA0080402 error while writing settings
E_SETTING_MISMATCH0xA0080405 setting cannot be set due to an incompatibility with other settings
E_DATABASE_WRONGDATA0xA0080421 the data at the specified location is not a database
E_DATABASE_WRONGVERSION0xA0080422 the database has a wrong version
E_SERVER_CREATESYSTEMOBJECT0xA008051C error creating an internal system object
E_SERVER_THREADINITIALIZE0xA008051D error initializing a thread
E_SERVER_TOOMANY0xA0080542 too many instances of the server are running
E_DISK_NOTFOUND0xA0080603 disk not found
E_DISK_INUSE0xA0080605 disk is in use
E_DOMAIN_TABLEFULL0xA0080702 domain table is full, cannot create new domain
E_DOMAIN_NOTFOUND0xA0080703 domain not found
E_DOMAIN_ALREADYEXISTS0xA0080704 domain already exists
E_DOMAIN_INUSE0xA0080705 domain is in use (e.g. it contains storages)
E_DOMAIN_DISKNOTFOUND0xA0080713 disk of the domain not found
E_DOMAIN_CREATESYSTEMOBJECT0xA008071C error creating an internal system object
E_DOMAIN_THREADINITIALIZE0xA008071D error initializing a thread
E_DOMAIN_DISABLED0xA0080721 domain is disabled
E_DOMAIN_NOTSTARTED0xA0080722 one or more domains/storages have not been started
E_DOMAIN_NOTSTOPPED0xA0080723 one or more domains/storages have not been stopped
E_DOMAIN_NOTRUNNING0xA0080724 domain is not running
E_DOMAIN_RUNNING0xA0080725 domain is running
E_DOMAINREPLICATION_TOOMANY0xA0080742 too many replications defined
E_DOMAINREPLICATION_NOTFOUND0xA0080743 domain replication not found
E_DOMAINREPLICATION_ALREADYEXISTS0xA0080744 domain replication already exists
E_DOMAINREPLICATION_WRONGSTATE0xA0080745 domain replication is in wrong state and cannot execute the action
E_DOMAINREPLICATION_DISABLED0xA0080761 domain replication is disabled
E_DOMAINREPLICATION_NOTSTARTED0xA0080762 error starting domain replication
E_DOMAINREPLICATION_NOTSTOPPED0xA0080763 error stopping domain replication
E_DOMAINREPLICATION_NOTRUNNING0xA0080764 domain replication not running
E_DOMAINREPLICATION_RUNNING0xA0080765 domain replication running
E_DOMAINREPLICATION_WRONGTYPE0xA0080766 wrong type of domain replication
E_DOMAINREPLICATION_CONNECTED0xA0080767 domain replication is connected
E_SCHEMA_NOTMASTER0xA0080801 server is not the schema master
E_SCHEMA_NOTRUNNING0xA0080802 no disk or storage with the latest schema version is running
E_SCHEMA_LOCKED0xA0080803 server locked (e.g. because the interface has been opened by someone else)
E_SCHEMA_IDINUSE0xA0080804 a class, struct or list with this id is already defined
E_SCHEMA_TOOMANYATTRIBUTES0xA0080805 class has too many attributes (including attributes of all base classes)
E_SCHEMA_NOTALLOWED0xA0080806 not allowed
E_SCHEMA_TYPENOTFOUND0xA0080807 class, struct or list not defined
E_SCHEMA_INVALIDDATA0xA008080A invalid schema data
E_SCHEMA_VERSION0xA008080B invalid schema version
E_STORAGE_TABLEDIRTY0xA0080901 storage table needs cleanup
E_STORAGE_TABLEFULL0xA0080902 storage table is full, cannot create new storage
E_STORAGE_NOTFOUND0xA0080903 storage not found
E_STORAGE_ALREADYEXISTS0xA0080904 storage already exists
E_STORAGE_DISKNOTFOUND0xA0080913 disk of the storage not found
E_STORAGE_WRONGSTATE0xA0080919 database is in wrong state and cannot execute the action
E_STORAGE_CLEANUPERROR0xA008091A error closing storage (error did not occur in block storage)
E_STORAGE_RECOVERYNEEDED0xA008091B database did not shutdown properly and need a cleanup
E_STORAGE_CREATESYSTEMOBJECT0xA008091C error creating an internal system object
E_STORAGE_THREADINITIALIZE0xA008091D error initializing a thread
E_STORAGE_NOTALLOWED0xA008091E not allowed
E_STORAGE_DISABLED0xA0080921 storage is disabled
E_STORAGE_NOTSTARTED0xA0080922 one or more storages have not been started
E_STORAGE_NOTSTOPPED0xA0080923 one or more storages have not been stopped
E_STORAGE_NOTRUNNING0xA0080924 storage is not running
E_STORAGE_RUNNING0xA0080925 storage is running
E_STORAGEREPLICATION_TOOMANY0xA0080942 too many replications defined
E_STORAGEREPLICATION_NOTFOUND0xA0080943 storage replication not found
E_STORAGEREPLICATION_ALREADYEXISTS0xA0080944 storage replication already exists
E_STORAGEREPLICATION_WRONGSTATE0xA0080945 storage replication is in wrong state and cannot execute the action
E_STORAGEREPLICATION_RECOVERYNEEDED0xA0080946 storage replication is in error state and needs recovery
E_STORAGEREPLICATION_DISABLED0xA0080961 storage replication is disabled
E_STORAGEREPLICATION_NOTSTARTED0xA0080962 error starting storage replication
E_STORAGEREPLICATION_NOTSTOPPED0xA0080963 error stopping storage replication
E_STORAGEREPLICATION_NOTRUNNING0xA0080964 storage replication not running
E_STORAGEREPLICATION_RUNNING0xA0080965 storage replication running
E_STORAGEREPLICATION_WRONGTYPE0xA0080966 wrong type of storage replication
E_STORAGEREPLICATION_CONNECTED0xA0080967 storage replication is connected
E_STORAGEREPLICATION_SYNCERROR0xA0080968 error in the synchronization of two storages
E_STORAGE_MALFUNCTION0xA0080981 internal storage error
E_STORAGE_FORMATERROR0xA0080982 wrong format of transmitted data
E_STORAGE_LOGWRITEERROR0xA0080983 error writting to log data
E_STORAGE_ATTRIBUTETOOLARGE0xA0080984 the size of an attribute was too large to be written to the log data
E_OBJECT_NOTFOUND0xA0080A03 object not found
E_OBJECT_ALREADYEXISTS0xA0080A04 an object with the same id already exists
E_OBJECT_DELETING0xA0080A05 the object is being deleted
E_OBJECT_NOTLOADED0xA0080A11 the object is not loaded (available flags not loaded)
E_OBJECT_CLASSNOTFOUND0xA0080A12 class not found in this object
E_OBJECT_CLASSDELETING0xA0080A13 class is being deleted from this object
E_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTENOTLOADED0xA0080A14 attribute not loaded, but existing
E_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTEALREADYEXISTS0xA0080A15 attribute already exists / list item with the same id already exists
E_OBJECTLINK_ERROR0xA0080A21 error creating or deleting an object link
E_OBJECTLINK_SERVERNOTFOUND0xA0080A22 a server could not be found
E_OBJECTLINK_NOTFOUND0xA0080A23 object link not found
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