DTDL - Data Types

The following list shows all data types that can be used in DTDL.

Data types

int88 bit signed integer
uint88 bit unsigned integer
int1616 bit signed integer
uint1616 bit unsigned integer
int3232 bit signed integer
uint3232 bit unsigned integer
int6464 bit signed integer
uint6464 bit unsigned integer
int128128 bit signed integer
uint128128 bit unsigned integer
int256256 bit signed integer
uint256256 bit unsigned integer
float32 bit float
double64 bit float
char1 byte character
wcharUTF-16 character
string1 byte character string
wstringUTF-16 string
bsob(size)binary small object of size 1 to 127 bytes
objectobject (an object id or a reference)
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